New article in the April issue of Wallpaper Magazine:

Oscar winner
Thanks to one of Niemeyer’s last designs, Leipzig is set to have a ball“ ¹

Written by Giovanna Dunmall

“Workers at a factory in Leipzig (…) will be able to dine in a striking concrete-and- glass building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The story (…) began back in 2011 when Ludwig Koehne, owner of the Kirow-Werke production facility (which serves his two firms, railway-crane specialist Kirow and tram-maker HeiterBlick), asked Niemeyer if he would consider designing an extension for the in-house canteen.

(…) The factory site already houses a 760 sq m gallery, Halle 9, that hosts regular art and architecture exhibitions, and is neighbour to the popular Baumwollspinnerei arts hub (whose staff often eat at the canteen). As part of the restaurant project, the factory will push back its perimeter walls, remove barriers and complete a garden and a reflecting pool designed by the studio of legendary Rio-based modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. ‘The more walls you have, the less progress you can make as a company,’ says Koehne. ‘You need contact with other people.’ Niemeyer’s pavilion is a highly original way to bring those people in.” ¹

1: Wallpaper Magazin, April 2019 issue, Page 182 -184